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Cataract is a natural lens inside the eye, which has lost transparency and is the cause of blurry vision. Cataract surgery is performed to clear the vision. It is one of the most common surgical procedures in the world, because everybody develops cataracts at some stage. The procedure has been refined over many years and the advances in surgical technology have allowed to improve its outcomes. These days, surgeons aim to achieve the best visual results possible. It starts with the initial assessment and measurements of the eye, which are very important.     

The surgery itself is a day procedure, done under a local anaesthetic with sedation. It can be performed with the assistance of a laser or with the ultrasonic phacoemulsification machine.
An artificial lens is inserted into the eye. The lens implant is usually made of an acrylic material, which filters UV light and is compatible with the human eye. Well positioned implant stays in the eye forever. Cataracts do not grow back. New designs of implants can correct refractive errors as well as eliminate presbyopia.

Healing takes up to one month, but vision improves usually the next day. Operation is done on one eye at the time and eye drops need to be taken after the surgery to help with the healing process. If glasses are needed they can be prescribed after one month.
 Cataracts usually grow slowly and can lead to blindness, if not treated in a timely manner. Symptoms include blurring, light sensitivity, difficulties with reading and driving.      

If you are experiencing any of those, please have your eyes assessed.
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